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    Turn supermarket Rum into great Rum !

    Good Cheap Rum ??? – try the supermarket A reader on this site recently posed a great question in a previous Blog. He said “Rum can be very expensive, can I use my cheaper branded rums to make these infusions ?”. Well, it got me thinking and I felt that the best way to respond is to let everyone else listen in to my answer so here is some advice on choosing and using ‘Good Cheap Rums for your infusions’. One of the easiest to get hold of at a consistently good price point are the ones supplied in the supermarkets so let’s look at the current UK options. But,…

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    Caribbean Bay Rum: a stinky story

    History of Bay Rum Imagine a ship full of pirate sailors out at sea for months at a time. After just a few weeks, things being to smell pretty bad as the daily tasks of hoisting the sails and scrubbing the decks began to take its toll on clothes and sweating bodies. As the story goes, one ingenious sailor started rubbing the leaves of the bay trees of the west indies on his skin, passing the pleasant smelling oils from the leaf to skin masking the awful stink that he had accumulated. The practice began to catch on, and the scent of bay leaves became the go to deodorant for…

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    Living with Hurricanes – make cocktails !

    Watching the news over the last week has reminded me of the highs and lows of living the tropical lifestyle. The arrival of hurricane ‘Dorian’ rekindled memories of events that shaped the outlook on life of people in the region. On this occasion, the Bahamas was not so lucky as winds of more than 220mph (355km/h) struck the northern Bahamas in the biggest storm to hit the Caribbean island chain in modern times. No one who lives through a hurricane can ever forget it. My mother, Effie David (nee Coy) told me of the story of the night of Hurricane ‘Janet’ passing through the island of Carriacou in 1955. She…

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    The Rum Shack

    You may have already seen them. Small wooden shelters with a few tables outside with locals slamming dominoes onto the simple home-made tables. Some people call them Rum Shacks, many people call them Rum Shops. Either way, they are the life and center of village life and certainly not a place to pas by. A Caribbean institution – if you choose to stop by… Local people regard the rum shops as a place to gather and catch up or exchange news about the community. If you pay a visit you will be gaining an insight into a tropical lifestyle that many visitors don’t ever see. From a farmer to a…

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    Make infused Rum – the basics

    First let me say that we’re not going to be creating any alcohol from scratch (despite my 3 am dreams); that would actually be illegal unless of course you have a license. What I am going to share with you is how to take you Rum and add to it thereby creating a tailored drink so you can enthral your friends and family with your new skills. A common question that I get asked is ‘what is the difference between infusing and blending ?’ Well, Blending is the process of taking two or more store-bought alcohols and mixing them together to create a new customer flavour. Infusion is the process…

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    The 3am dream

    For a few years now, I have been woke up with a 3am thought… wouldn’t it be cool if I could make my own rums?  Couldn’t you just imagine Rum, distilled in the heart of the Essex with its flavours from the Caribbean? Unfortunately, some people called “Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs” frown upon the idea of home-distillation.  Something about taxes and licenses and the potential to blow up your house or something.  I wanted to talk about how unfair this seems, but the law is probably keeping me from killing myself and others, and that just might be a good thing.     After a trip to the Caribbean…